Children’s dentistry

Frequent patients of our dental practice are children, which we are very proud of. Our goal is for children to acquire proper oral hygiene habits in time, overcome their fear of the dentist and develop the habit of regular check-ups, which is crucial for preserving the health of the mouth and teeth.

during life. We recommend that you make your first visit to the dentist around the age of three.

Our services include:

Removal of soft deposits from teeth with training on proper oral hygiene: This painless and simple intervention is recommended during the first visit. Children are happy to accept it, which is an important first step in accepting all other dental interventions.

Repair of milk teeth: If caries appears on milk teeth, they need to be repaired. In addition to the classic “white fillings”, we offer fillings in different colors (blue, pink, green, purple…) for lateral milk teeth. Children can choose the color of the filling, which is especially interesting for them.

Extraction of milk teeth.

Fissure filling: This preventive intervention reduces the possibility of tooth decay on the lateral teeth. It is painless and pleasant, and we recommend it as one of the first interventions for the child to gain cooperation and trust in the dentist.