Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry includes many interventions that enable the preservation of natural teeth. This is of great importance, because no prosthesis, bridge or implant can be compared to a completely healed natural tooth. We always try to explain this fact to patients.

Conservative dentistry includes:

Tooth repair (restorative dentistry): Tooth repair is one of the most common dental interventions. It involves the removal of caries and the replacement of damaged tooth tissue with the appropriate material. In this way, we completely restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth, preventing the progression of the process and the emergence of complications.

Dental treatment (endodontics): When caries progresses to the point where it threatens the dental pulp (dental nerve) located in the center of the dental crown, a series of therapeutic procedures are applied that allow us to save the tooth from extraction in a high percentage. This procedure usually requires multiple visits to the dentist.

In our office, we use the most modern materials and equipment (such as digital determination of the working length, machining of root canals and rubber dams) to shorten the duration of the procedure and make it more pleasant for our patients.