Oral surgery

We offer all services in the field of oral surgery performed by a highly qualified surgeon. All interventions are performed under local anesthesia, they are completely painless, and by following our instructions when it comes to the postoperative period, we minimize any discomfort and fear of patients when it comes to such interventions.

Here are some of the most common interventions we perform:

Tooth extraction

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

Apicoectomy  (resection of the tip of the tooth root) – with this intervention, the tip of the tooth root and all the surrounding pathologically changed tissues are removed. In this way, we enable the preservation of the natural tooth when conservative treatment is not possible.

Cystectomy – removal of various types of cysts in the jawbone

Sinus lift – through surgical intervention, we are adding part of bone in the upper jaw (which is often lost after the loss of the upper side teeth), which allows us to install implants.

Implantation of artificial bone – After tooth extraction, bone loss occurs. If bone loss prevents us from achieving optimal functional and aesthetic results, we apply artificial bone implantation. This can be done in several ways:

By using the patient’s own bone.

Using biomaterials (bovine bone, bio-oss)

By combining the above methods

We also use PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) growth factors, which are obtained by centrifuging the patient’s blood. They help in the formation of new bone and blood vessels, and significantly shorten the recovery time and the period between surgical intervention and receiving a prosthetic replacement.