Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting irregularities and abnormalities in the position of the teeth and jaws. There are various methods and appliances used in orthodontics to achieve a proper and aesthetically appealing smile. Here are some common options:

Fixed orthodontic appliance (fixed prosthesis for straightening teeth): Fixed orthodontic appliance is the most used method in orthodontics. It consists of brackets (small metal or ceramic plates) that are placed on each tooth and then connected with wires and rubber bands. This device provides precise control over the position of the teeth and allows them to gradually move into the correct position over time.

Mobile orthodontic appliance (prostheses for children): Mobile orthodontic appliances are used mainly in children to correct the growth and development problems of the jaws and teeth. They can be removed and are often worn over a period. Mobile braces can be of various types, including activators, night wear guards, and jaw expanders.

Foils for straightening teeth: Foils for straightening teeth, also known as transparent foils or aligners, are a modern alternative to classic orthodontic appliances. They are made of transparent material and are adjusted individually for each patient. Aligners are gradually changed over time to move the teeth into the correct position. This method is aesthetically acceptable, comfortable to wear and allows easier maintenance of oral hygiene because the foils can be removed during eating and cleaning teeth.