Restoring lost teeth is crucial for the return of the smile, functionality, and preservation of the remaining teeth. Depending on the number, arrangement, and condition of the remaining teeth, we will recommend the best type of restoration to give you the smile and function you desire.

Metal-ceramic crowns: Made from a combination of metal and ceramic, these crowns are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Metal-free crowns: There are different types of metal-free crowns to suit your needs. These crowns are very aesthetic because they do not contain a metal base.

Ceramic veneers: Veneers are thin ceramic flakes that are placed on the front of the teeth to correct aesthetic irregularities and damage.

Composite veneers: Like ceramic veneers, composite veneers are used to correct aesthetic defects. They are made of composite material of high aesthetics.

Full and partial dentures: There are different types of full and partial dentures that are adapted to your needs and the condition of your remaining teeth.

Combined prostheses: These prostheses consist of several parts. Some parts are permanently cemented, while others are mobile. The connection between these parts is achieved by special connecting elements (binders), which provide safety and achieve maximum aesthetics and functionality.

The durability of prosthetic works is on average 10 years, considering regular maintenance of hygiene (about which you will receive detailed instructions depending on the type of prosthetic work), avoiding bad habits and regular check-ups.